Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Serie "Post" - Winterferien in Deutschland

As in previous years, the stamps that appear in the series "Post", present universal themes that fit various events. The theme of the current issue is "holidays in Germany," and thus addresses one time in which are known to be very many letters and postcards written.

Well, maybe there is not too much to write about this stamp. It´s a winter scenery. Here in Germany a very popular sport is skiing. There are numerous ski resorts. So far I have visited Winklmoosalm, that is partially in Austria ( and I must tell it´s a wonderful feeling to be on the top of the mountains.

In the end I would like to give you some Vocabulary related to Winter:

schneien - to snow
Es schneit. - It´s snowing
rutschig - slippery
Es ist rutschig - It is slippery
Es ist sehr kalt - It´s very cold.
der Handschuh - gloves
der Schnee - snow
Schnee Flocken - snow flakes
der Schneeball - snowball
einen Schneeball machen - to make a snowball
der Schneeman - snowman
der Schlitten - sleigh
Schlitten fahren - to sleigh
der Winter - winter
Winterferien - winter hollidays

Title: Winterferien in Deutschland
Date of Issue: January 2, 2012
Denomination: 0,45 euro


  1. It's a beautiful scene. I wish we had some snow in the midwest USA.
    thanks for participating!

  2. Winter snow in the countryside is always beautiful.

  3. That scene could be in many parts of Britain at the moment. Fine stamp.

  4. Those words seem to have a lot in common with English.

  5. Thank you for your visit and comments. I thought it is good to try out something different this time.

  6. A very pretty scene. Der schnee arrived here on Saturday so it was very much like the stamp.