Do you speak German? Lately this question became to me similar as to "to be or not to be". I have moved with my family in Germany and therefore I needed to start learning German quickly and efficiently. I searched over and over the Internet for useful materials, lessons, audio files, exercises. Some were quite good and helpful, some not.
That is why I decided to put them all together, like a compendium. On this blog I would like YOU to join me on my quest of discovering Germany and its language, that at first glance can seem very unfriendly and difficult to learn. Each time I write, I will try to post a lesson, explain the new words, give some exercises and learn together with YOU, my readers, how things work.
There will be a fun part too, if not for grown ups at least for children :)
I will post songs or rhymes in German, some of them learned by my own children in Kindergarten or at home.
You should note that my blog entries will be all my own compilation, but the sentences or ideas may come from textbooks and various internet sites, so I can´t claim credit for them. If you notice anything that seems a copyright infringement, please let me know and I will remove it.
Also, my German level is now (after 5 months in Germany) somewhere between A2/B1 so the posts will be accordingly.
Have fun and feel free to comment or correct me when I am wrong, after all we are all learning here!

PS. Update February 2012 - I have successfully finished the "Integrationskurs" and now have Zertifikat Deutsch B1 diploma.