Thursday, April 7, 2011

Basic Phrases and Words

Some say you should start learning German with its basic greetings and words. It will surely help you to recognize these when somebody speaks to you.

Yes/No Ja/Nein ya/nine
Yes, please/No, thank you. Ja, bitte/Nein, danke. ya bitt-er/nine dang-ke
Please or You're welcome. Bitte. bitt-er
Thank you. Danke. dang-ke
Good morning Guten Morgengoot-en mor-gen
Here is/are... Hier ist/sind... heer ist/zint...
Hello/Good afternoon. Hallo/ Guten Tag. hal-lo/goot-en targ
Hello/Good evening. Hallo/Guten Abend. hal-lo/goot-en ar-bent
Goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen. owf vee-der-zay-en
Good night. Gute Nacht. goot-er naxht
How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen? vee gayt ess een-en
Very well, thanks. Danke, gut. dang-ker goot
Excuse me / Sorry Entschuldigung. ent-shool-dig-ung
Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch? shprexh-en zee eng-lish
Can you help me? Können Sie mir hilfen? kern-en zee meer hilf-hen
I don't understand. Ich verstehe nicht. ixh fair-shtay-er nixht
I don't know. Ich weiß nicht. ixh viyss nixht
Please write it down. Bitte schreiben Sie es auf. bitt-er shriy-ben zee ess owf
I am sorry Tut mir leidthut-mir-lhaid
Leave me alone! Lassen Sie mich in Ruhe! lass-en zee mixh in roo-er
Where? Wo? voe
When? Wann? van
How? Wie? vee
Why? Warum? va-room
Who? Wer? vair
Which? Welches? vel-shes
Where is...? Wo ist...? voe ist....
How much? Wie viel? vee-feel
How many? Wie viele? vee feel-er
What's that? Was ist das? vass ist dass
I'd like... Ich hätte gern... ixh hett-er gairn...
I want... Ich möchte... ixh merxht-er
I like it. Es gefällt mir. ess ge-felt meer
I don't like it. Es gefällt mir nicht. ess ge-felt meer nixht
OK/Agreed. In Ordnung/
in ord-noong/
That's fine. Das ist gut. dass ist goot
Common verb forms:
I want/We want... Ich will/Wir wollen... ixh vill/veer voll-en
I am/We are.... Ich bin/Wir sind... ixh bin/veer zint
I have/We have... Ich habe/Wir haben... ixh har-ber/veer har-ben

For now I will only post here a link with a site I found useful to begin with. It also has a guide and audio to help you pronounce correctly. Later on, hopefully, I will add my own sound recordings.

Viel Glück! (Good luck!)

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