Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Regensburg Landkreis


The most popular side trip from Regensburg is to visit Walhalla, which Ludwig I of Bavaria built from 1830 to 1842 as a hall of fame for writers, artists, musicians, and other notables from the German-speaking world. You can also drive to the Parthenon-style building, which overlooks the Danube from a hill near Donaustauf (a village where you'll also find a ruined fortress worth exploring). Walhalla is about 10 km from the center of Regensburg ( Find below some of our photos made there.


lonely walls in Donaustauf

view over the Danube

the Danube

After these wonderful and peaceful views we went down to Regensburg. It is the 5th biggest city in Bavaria, but I wasn´t that much impressed. Maybe I was already too tired and the children also. And, by the way, no shopping, Sunday everything is closed. But I did succeed in taking some pictures.

one of the gate towers

buildings in town: Old City Hall
the old stone bridge

view of St Peter’s Cathedral (UNESCO site)

Regensburg is known as the biggest preserved middle age city in Germany. There are many sightseeings in and around the city. The Steinerne Brücke with the historic Wurstkuchl, the St Peteer´s Cathedral, the old townhall with the Reichssaal, the narrow side streets of the old city or the Walhalla, in Regensburg there is much to see.

So if you are passing by, you should take a look on their website to find out more about the points of interest: or

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